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An Introduction to New Patients

Thank you for choosing The Asthma and Allergy Institute to be a partner in the delivery of your health care. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to serve you, and assist you to improve your health.

What you can expect at your first visit

When you arrive at The Asthma & Allergy Institute, you will be asked to fill out a series of forms if you haven't done so via our website. If you have questions about any of the documents, please do not hesitate to ask our receptionist. We will also collect your office copay at that time, then we will also request a copy of your health insurance member identification card.

It is not necessary to bring your medical record from another physician, unless it is requested. But, if you have had previous allergy skin tests or RAST tests (blood work) for allergies, please bring those results.

When your chart has been prepared, a nurse will escort you to an examination room. There, the nurse will record vital signs including height, weight, blood pressure, pulse and respiration. These standard measurements will be referred to many times throughout the course of your treatment. Next, the nurse will take a comprehensive allergy history. The history will provide detailed information about your health that will be a valuable tool in the development of a treatment plan.

Dr. Caputo will review your history with you and ask you additional questions. He will also answer questions that you may have concerning your condition. After you have had all of your questions answered, Dr. Caputo will then complete his examination by listening to your heart and chest, and examining your nose, throat and skin. He will explain his findings and discuss a treatment plan designed especially for you.

* The Asthma & Allergy Institute asks that, when cancelling an appointment, patients give 24 hour notice if possible. This will give us the opportunity to offer that appointment to other patients. Effective October 1, 2010, we will begin the office policy of applying a $25.00 charge (depending on the circumstances) to patients for cancellations occurring on the same day of the appointment, or failed appointments when no notice is given. This is a charge that is not covered by insurance.


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