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Common Symptoms of Allergies

Are you miserable year-round? These symptoms could be why. Below is a list of common allergic behaviors. If you, or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms it might be time to schedule an appointment.

~ Runny Nose
~ Stuffy Nose
~ Recurring Sinus Infections
~ Watery Eyes
~ Coughing
~ Swelling
~ Rash Breakouts
~ Itching
~ Hives

Common Causes of Allergies

The answer is truly priceless. Allergic reactions can breakout because of many everyday occurrences. You might come into contact with many of these causes everyday and not even know that you are allergic to them. Several of these causes are:

~ Shellfish
~ Dust Mites
~ Wasps (or wasp sting)
~ Roaches
~ Ragweed
~ Grass
~ Peanuts
~ Various Multiple Food Items
~ Dog or Cat
~ Corn
~ Pine Trees
~ Bees
~ Mold
~ Milk
~ Wheat
~ Soy Beans
~ Oak Trees
~ & Many, Many More...




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